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Office of the Mayor

State of the City Address - 2013

Mayor Larry S. BryantWelcome to the official City of Forrest City website. As you search our site, you can learn many things about our city - Forrest City, - the “Jewel of the Delta,” and the Hub of Business and Industry in Eastern Arkansas. During your visit, I hope you will see why as mayor of Forrest City, I can proudly say, our city is open and ready for business.

Forrest City, Arkansas was established in 1870. It is located in Northeast Arkansas off of Interstate 40, between Little Rock and Memphis (45 miles west of Memphis and 85 miles east of Little Rock).

We are strategically located on I-40, which runs East and West (over 28,000 vehicles travel I-40 daily) and Arkansas Highway 1, which is the major thoroughfare running north and south. We also have two railways that serve in all directions, with America’s #1 transportation hub, Memphis, being less than 50 miles away.

The recently constructed 8.4 miles long Highway 1 Bypass is ready for business. It runs North and South with the Delta Regional Airport located on the north and the Federal Correctional Institute on the South. A master study plan for the bypass was completed through a partnership between the City of Forrest City, Garver and Garver, and the Corp of Engineers. The purpose of the plan was to determine the feasibility of developing the area for commercial use. The answer was a resounding “Yes”. The Bypass Infrastructure Project will help pave the way for economic growth in our city.

By the way, we have people with great work ethics. We have a strong educational environment; with East Arkansas Community College ( - whose primary focus is a commitment to learning by educating and preparing students to become responsible citizens and contributing members of society, Crowley’s Ridge Technical Institute ( where graduates are trained and ready, not only to enter the work force, but to step into a place of leadership when duty calls, Forrest City High School (public) ( whose mission is to provide educational services that meets and exceeds our customer’s needs and expectations, allowing us to prosper as a district and community and Calvary Christian School ( a private school that serves grades PK-12.

Forrest City is home to several businesses employing over 200 people such as Boar’s Head Provision, Airtherm Products Inc., Forrest City Grocery, Federal Correctional Institute, Forrest City Medical Center, Forrest City School District and Wal-Mart Supercenter. In addition, we have over 31 restaurants and 700 hotel/motel rooms.

If you’re looking for a home for your business, visit Forrest City. Let us show you why we are indeed the, “Jewel of the Delta." We want to serve you, and our motto is “One Forrest City, moving forward, one step at a time."


Larry S. Bryant

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Some of the powers and duties of mayor generally include (14-43-504):
(a) The mayor of the city shall be its chief executive officer and conservator of its peace. It shall be his special duty to cause the ordinances and regulations of the city to be faithfully and constantly obeyed. (b) The mayor shall: (1) Supervise the conduct of all the officers of the city, examine the grounds of all reasonable complaints made against them, and cause all their violations of duty or other neglect to be properly punished or reported to the proper tribunal for correction; (2) Have and exercise the power conferred on sheriffs, within the city limits, to suppress disorder and keep the peace; and (3) Perform such other duties compatible with the nature of his office as the city council may from time to time require. (c) (Repealed). (d) The mayor shall, at the second regular meeting of the council in each year, and at such other times as he shall deem expedient, report to the council the municipal affairs of the city and recommend such measures to it as to him may seem advisable.



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