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Police Department

Chief Edward P. ReynoldsWe would like to welcome you to the Forrest City Police Department web page. We hope that you find your visit informational and helpful.

For Emergencies call 9-1-1.

The non-emergency number for the police department is (870) 633-3434.

Crime Stoppers
(870) 261-1499
Please send donations to:
The Mayor's Office - 224 North Rosser


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FCPD Links:

Forrest City Police Department Most Wanted
The Forrest City Police Department will post information concerning dangerous individuals wanted for crimes in our city and unidentified suspects in crimes.

Arkansas Crime Information Center (ACIC)
Search your area for registered sex offenders on-line. You can also register to check on a Department of Corrections prisoner and/or be automatically notified when the prisoner is released from jail or coming up for parole. There is a lot of public information available at this web site including crime statistics.


The primary mission of the Forrest City Police Department is protection of life, property, preservation of public peace, prevention of crime, apprehension of criminal perpetrators, promotion of respect and cooperation of all citizens for the law and for those sworn to enforce it. The Department strives to provide the best possible police service to residents of Forrest City and to those who work, travel and shop here.

The Forrest City Police Department operates with an estimated budget of three million dollars annually. There are forty-eight budgeted positions in the police department. Eleven civilian employees and thirty-seven sworn members.

Police Department Structure:

Communication Section: The Communication Section is responsible for all communications, incoming and outgoing from the Department. There are six full time dispatcher positions and one part time dispatcher position.

Criminal Investigation Division:

The Criminal Investigation Division is responsible for detailed investigations into criminal activity which also includes drug investigations. There are four detectives and one secretary assigned to the Division.

Patrol Division:

The Patrol Division is responsible for the general police patrols, traffic enforcement, traffic accident investigations, and initial criminal reports/investigations. They are charged with providing an immediate police response to any situation within the City of Forrest City. . Officers work eight and a half hour shifts. There are a total of sixteen Patrolmen, three Corporals, and three Patrol Sergeants in the Division.

Special Services Division:

The Special Services Division is responsible for specialized police patrols, court security, prisoner management and department training. The Department has two dedicated School Resource Officers. There is an officer assigned in the Forrest City High School and Forrest City Junior High School. The Department also has two dedicated Forrest City Housing Authority Officers. Department communications personnel are under this Division also.

Other Department Activities:

The Forrest City Police Department also has a Tactical Team comprised of sworn members from different Divisions of the department. This team is used for high risk drug search warrant entries, hostage situations and other duties.

Employment Opportunities:

The Forrest City Police Department is constantly looking for motivated, dedicated professionals for both Police Officer and Communication positions.

Starting pay for a non-certified police officer based on civilian educational level is $26,912.00 to $28,712.00 per year. Certified Police Officer positions start at a minimum of $29,243.00 to $33,443.00 per year depending on education and certification level.

A Dispatcher position starting pay varies from $20,632.00 per year to $22,432.00 per year depending on education level.

All employees receive a raise at the completion of the first year of service with the Forrest City Police Department. Employment benefits include: paid vacation (three weeks for officers/two weeks for civilian) and paid sick leave (20 days per year) after one year of service for police and civilian, Municipal League Health Insurance coverage which covers medical, dental and vision; LOPFI retirement for officers and APERS for civilian employees; education and longevity pay incentives. College tuition will be reimbursed by the city up to an Associates Degree. Overtime pay and Compensation time is also provided to employees.

Please contact the Forrest City Police Department at (870) 633-3434 for employment opportunities.

The City of Forrest City is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Forrest City Police Department
225 North Rosser


Phone: 870-633-3434
FAX: 870-261-1421